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Do you have what it takes to serve on Aquatic School Staff?


Aquatic School staff members are responsible for instructing and instilling Scouts with the Four Goals of Aquatic School.  In order to accomplish this, Aquatic School hires Aquatic School Graduates and Anchormen with excellent instructor and communication skills.  If you would like to be considered for a position on this year's Aquatic School staff - submit an application below!

Aquatic School Staff members are PAID staff for Longhorn Council.  One should not think of the Galley as a lesser position on staff.  In fact, Galley staff members are typically paid TWICE as much as other staff members.  The Galley is a vital part of the School's success and one where a Scout can demonstrate great leadership and teamwork.  Many staff members have started in the Galley and worked their way to an instructor position.   The current Aquatic School Chairman and 9x School Skipper started in the Galley. (don't underestimate the value of a Galley position.)

2024 Aquatic School Staff

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