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Become an Aquatic School Ambassador!


What’s an Aquatic School Ambassador?

An Aquatic School Ambassador is someone who recruits at least two (2) Scouts to sign up for the 2021 Aquatic School! 


Why are they important?

We need your help getting the word out that this exciting & rewarding tradition is back! There are still many Scouts, leaders, and parents that don’t know about this transformative leadership & instructor experience and we need Aquatic School Ambassadors to tell them about it!


What do Ambassadors get?

Ambassadors receive a free Ambassador t-shirt.

(1st year – blue, 2nd year – white, 3rd year – gold)
Senior Ambassadors receive a small patch to be worn on your uniform under the right pocket (like a BSA recruiter patch.)


How do you become an Ambassador?

Ambassador - Anyone who recruits at least two (2) Scouts(other than yourself) to register for the 2021 Aquatic School will be an Aquatic School Ambassador.  Scouts only need to pay a $50 deposit to secure a spot & lock in a price, but they do not count as “recruited” for the Ambassador program until their fee is paid in full. 


Senior Ambassador - Anyone who recruits

FOUR (4) Scouts to register for the 2021

Aquatic School will be a Senior Ambassador!

Or anyone who recruits two Scouts for

Aquatic School in three consecutive years.

 Aquatic School Ambassador

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 1.02.04 PM.png


(online registration)

2021 Aquatic School Application

July 16-24, 2021 - Worth Ranch

Your name MUST be in the

  “Recruited by” section

to receive credit!

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